What is DreamerLink?

DreamerLink is a social network for gamers, role-players and more! Please read an intro on Our Forums.

How many avatars can i create?

You can create as many avatars as you wish!

Does it cost anything to use DreamerLink?

We have membership plans, however you can pick the basic plan and get full access to all the content for free! Other plans add mostly optional features for enthusiast users. Furthermore, basic plan will remain free forever!!

During beta period, we also offer supporter plan for free for one year as a thanks for helping us test the site!

When will you have X feature?

We are adding new features regularly. You can follow our - Facebook page to hear about new updates. If you want to see some features added sooner just head to Our Forums and post it in the feature request forum to let us know about it!

I want to create avatar in the game that I play, but it is not in the Worlds’ list!

We will be adding popular new Worlds regularly. Instead of having thousands of games and categories though, we want to focus on selected few that we want to integrate properly, and in the future we will create various tools for your most played games and Worlds.

If there is a game or World you think we missed out on, you can let us know about it on Our Forums!

How can I help you guys out?

You can help us by inviting your friends to join DreamerLink, and by being active on our site - creating avatars, writing journals, posting on Our Forums, following us on the Facebook, as well as reporting any bugs that you find.

I would like to support DreamerLink. How can I do that?

We will have PayPal donate option soon and we are planning to start a crowdfunding campaign soon. Also, it helps us out if you disable ad blocker on our site. We try to make ads as unobtrusive as we can, but for now, they are a necessary evil. :)

Are you planning a crowdfunding campaign?

Yes, sometime in December we will be starting a crowdfunding campaign, so follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for more information soon!

Will there be more contests/giveaways?

If you want to hear about future contests and giveaways be sure to frequently check our forums and like our Facebook page!