What is this about?

DreamerLink is a social network for gamers and roleplayers. What this basically means - it is a place for gaming, roleplaying, cosplaying, fantasy fiction and artistic creation, or even an alternate ego of yourself in "real world". It is a place where your real life’s status, profession, income, relations and daily routines don’t matter - here you can be your true self.

How do I start?

First you create your user profile, where you can add your basic information, hobbies and interests or add friends that you know in “real” life. Next step is the core of this social network and that is creating your avatars in other realities (like games, fantasy settings or your own roleplay characters). After you create your first avatar, you will be able to select your identity at the top right corner of the page. Once you do that, all your posts and messages will appear using that identity and website will automatically filter content to the world of your avatar (coming soon).

What exactly are avatars?

Avatars are your personal reflections or impersonations in the setting of your choice, like your World of Warcraft character, or your League of Legends or Dota 2 account, or your favorite FPS game profile. It can be your roleplay or cosplay character. It can even be a secret profile of your alter-ego chatting about your nightlife activities or romantic fantasies (no pornographic content allowed!). The choice is yours and you are free to create whatever avatar sparks your imagination. Just select a fitting category, create the avatar, add a story, images, videos or journal entries and find like-minded people from all around the World. You can create unlimited number of avatars, so start creating!

What can I do with my avatars?

You can browse other people’s avatars in the categories you are interested in. If you like them, feel free to send a message or a friend request! You can also search by various criteria to find the avatars that you might know, for example in an online game. You can also join clans (will be added in near future) - avatar communities formed around the same goal or interest, and communicate with them on the forums, follow news and announcements from clan members, use your personal gaming calendar and use other features available to the same clan members. You can join public or private chat rooms (will be added soon) together with your friends or even chat up strangers randomly paired up with you. The chat rooms will have roleplay features added in the future, like showing pictures, playing music, rolling dice, creating a character sheet, so you can even have a pen&paper roleplaying session there!

What else can I do in DreamerLink?

Avatars are the core of this website, however you can also read the news related to your interests, find famous people’s blogs and videos, read guides and tutorials posted by other players, or just compete with other users by collecting various achievements (coming soon).

In the future, we will also add video streaming, artist profiles, integration with online games APIs and many more features, so just keep following us to hear about the coming updates.

Also look forward to regular contests, art competitions, live broadcasts and other features to make this a one-stop place for all your gaming, roleplaying and fantasy needs!